Healthcare IT Solutions

Omega's Healthcare Software Solution is a focused innovative and leading edge technology solution for healthcare clinical management. It comprises a comprehensive suite of tools with flexible reporting capabilities for managing and reporting HIV/AIDS, TB & MALARIA patient characteristics, medication strategies and history.

The software application is built to simplify, streamline and make intuitive the clinical management process, which enables the discovery of emerging patterns and provide value added medical intelligence reporting to healthcare professionals.

The software data mining capabilities reveals emerging correlations and patterns in disease progression and treatment recovery trends. In its design, great emphasis was placed on leveraging the data collected to produce medical intelligence reporting.

The software can be further enhanced to provide increased Clinical Decision Support System (CDSS) capabilities. In addition, the software has the capacity to be further developed to incorporate clinical management functions for other infectious diseases, such as Ebola and Influenza.

   Software Benefits

►Fully Customizable for any pandemic disease

►Enables non-physician healthcare workers to be more engaged in patient  treatment.

►Individual patient records are easily aggregated and can be used for generating a variety of reports for internal and external health agencies.

►Availability of timely and accurate data will help to uncover emerging trends in disease outbreaks permitting a decisive early intervention.

►The software is designed to follow individual patients through their patient journey. It collects information including: treatment history, vital signs, medications used, etc.